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If you or a loved one needs drug and alcohol treatment that includes the most focused care in Ohio, we can help. Please watch our short 2 minute video to understand the level of care The Ridge Ohio provides. We accept most insurance.

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The Quality Care You Deserve

  • Family & Education are Key

    A supportive, understanding family is a vital asset in recovery. Our program educates families that addiction isn’t a choice, but a disease that can be overcome through treatment.

  • Recreation and Physical Fitness

    We are adamant about exercise and recreation at The Ridge, requiring physical activity 4 to 5 times a week. Our exciting fitness options release natural, healthy endorphins.

  • The Most Focused Treatment

    With only 14 beds, our treatment program is the most focused of its kind. Some treatment centers hold dozens of patients, and struggle to give each patient the proper attention.

  • A Strong Recovery Rate

    Due to focused treatment and a hi\gh staff-to-patient ratio, we maintain a high recovery rate. See this achievement mentioned in an article about us from the Cincinnati Enquirer!

  • Nutritious, Delicious Meals

    Most clients arrive malnourished after years of alcohol/drug abuse, so our on-staff chefs prepare fresh, healthy meals that provide restorative nutrition that assists recovery.

  • 51 Acres of Natural Beauty

    The Ridge’s majestic wooded grounds offer a place for patients to find serenity and peace. Our campus is perfect for watching animals, connecting with nature, or a stroll.


“After drinking for over 30 years, I was convinced I would die an alcoholic. I am grateful to The Ridge’s staff for opening the door to the rest of my life. Now I am able to spend quality time with my grandkids and make a difference in their lives.”

~ A Retired Professional

The Ridge In the News

The Ridge Had An Article Written About Them In The Cincinnati Enquirer.

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